About Linux Evolution Soccer



What is it ?

As it is pretty much implied in the name, Linux Evolution Soccer is a football game for Linux operating systems. Specifically, it is a 3D real-time football game resembling today’s popular football games Pro Evolution Soccer, Sensible Soccer etc. Computer players will get to be able to play a really ‘fun to play’ football game on their Linux operating systems ultimately. A football game which can be played in single player mode and also in multi-player mode by either multi pads on the same computer (keypad, joy pad, game pad) or through a network.

An artificial intelligence which is able to play with the human user (human vs. computer) or playing to itself (computer vs. computer) is the crucial point of the project. LES aims to offer solutions for the lack of fun in the games in Linux systems still standing in the market. This will be accomplished via rapid prototyping. Offline playing support should be a big attribution in the sense of the design of the artificial intelligence, hopefully ending up in more and more number of potential users obviously. Existing football games do not provide much fun when it is human versus computer, because the artificial intelligence embedded is not qualified. The users will also be provided an entertaining challenge with LES. The primary goal is to keep the fun aspect at the top level since our motivation contributes to keep the Linux users really enjoy the game. The game will provide a challenge to the user to achieve several achievements in the game in the single player mode; also the user will be able to challenge others through the game in the multi-player mode via the network they belong or the internet.

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Features of LES

* A football game for Linux Operating Systems

* Free to download

* Online Multiplayer playing

* Play for fun philosophy

* 3-D

* Real Time

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