About Kontrpiye Team


Kontrpiye is one of the 2009/2010 graduation project teams at Computer Engineering Department of Middle East Technical University. We are four senior students to develop the project.

The Turkish word kontrpiye is of French origin contre-pied which actually is counter foot in English meaning on the wrong foot. As we are so much interested in playing various football games and pretty enthusiastic about game developing, we chose Football 4 Linux project category and decided to develop a real-time, 3D, and funny football game.

Team Members

Berker Batur

Leader, Initiator, Contact Point

Contact: e1502145@ceng.metu.edu.tr


Ufuk Dallı

Process Guide, Summarizer

Contact: e1394865@ceng.metu.edu.tr


Uğur Büyükköy

Timekeeper, Recorder

Contact: ugurbuyukkoy@gmail.com


Hakan Çağlar

Gatekeeper, Devil's Advocate

Contact: hakancaglar2004@hotmail.com


ufuk* Can Eroğul

Project Assistant

Why Football 4 Linux?

Linux users have been suffering from the undeniable fact that there is no such a tolerable football game, actually any tolerable game running on Linux operating systems for years. It is also a fact that there are so many Linux users expecting a game to be developed for them to be able to run on their Linux operating systems. What we are on our way to do is to supply this demand of this community. The market research we conducted proved this very distinctly, actually proved what we already knew for ourselves. Big companies producing games do not intend to do this for several reasons. We imagine they would not want to just pass their highly sophisticated, invested of huge-budget plus open source games to linux users in peace.