About Us


Initiator and optimist.

Part-time software developer at Tubitak.

Member of Dıcansizgiller (CengCup Team).

Interested in Computer Vision.

Oğuzhan ÖNKAL

Gate keeper and devil's advocate.

Getting minor degree in Physics Department.

Part-time software developer at LNL Technology.

Interested in computational particle physics.

Aydın ATAY

Devil's advocate and summarizer.

Having a role in THBT-Aydın region folk dance.

Enjoying to play bağlama.

Interested in game sector and being in projects with good visual outcomes.

 Yunus Emre IŞIKLAR

Recorder and time keeper.

Member of Dıcansizgiller (CengCup Team).

Member of Metu Taekwondo Team (Red-Blue Belt).

Interested in web based applications.