In the present day, mobile devices are commonly used by most of the 
people in any kind of environment and situation. Despite the fact that
uses of these devices are so widespread, unfortunately, screens of
mobile devices are not legible when we consider some difficult
environmental cases. Therefore; we decide that we will develop a system
which identifies the environment and state changes and then adapts the
graphical user interface to provide convenience to users accordingly in
these extreme situations. This system will use images taken by camera of
mobile devices as inputs and will process them in order to determine how
user interface will change itself for usability.
We decided to customize this problem to military problem because
people who generally have to deal with these bad environmental situations we
speak of are generally soldiers and we implement this project by
sponsorship of Aselsan. We form our problem around a soldier who is a
team leader who needs to get and accomplish missions. So we chose a name
for our application relevant to this scenario : Yaver !