About Us

We are a young and enthusiastic team of computer engineering students. Coming up with an innovative idea to solve one of the major issues in our own field, we started working on our project FlowCode.

We intend to elevate programming to a higher level by visualizing every aspect of coding. Users can get a bird’s-eye view of their own program as a generated flowchart. They can also trace and modify this system to save time and mind power, eliminate ambiguity of algorithm and poor coding. In addition, since documentation of software frequently requires visualization of data structures, our application will convert data structures into graphs. It will allow editing, publishing and simple animations of these data structures.

Our project is a web application which is developed in JavaScript and Python. Python is used for headers and functions in server side to parse code and give outputs that are going to be visualized in Browser­side functions using JavaScript Headers like joint.js. The server is implemented using Django. Editing, exporting on SVG and other vector formats, saving and loading the flowcharts will be available. For the development tutorials, frame by frame animation support will be included.

Amazing Team

System Admin

The glue that sticks everything together, he is not the admin we deserve but the one we need. He currently lives as a digital phantom in our server.

Merve Gizem ŞENEL
Backend developer

She has used and tried all versions of Clang as one of the best fans during project process. In her free time she likes to parse code and examine data structures.

Frontend developer

Her motivation was that every piece of code even with data structures could be translated into Flowcharts at the beginning of the project.
And she did it.

Ertuğ UFUK
Frontend Developer

Nobody believed in him when he said "Why do we have to stuck inside a black terminal for debugging? I'm going to visualize it!". He is the true hero of all programmers.