Visual Debugging

  • Visual Flow Tracking
  • Variable Watching
  • Single Step Execution
  • Configurable Debugger Settings
  • Breakpoints on both Editor and Flowchart


Flowchart - Code

  • Trustable Code Editor
  • Easy-to-Use Flowchart Editor
  • Object Oriented Support
  • C-like Language Support
  • Working on Different Working Spaces



  • Visualization of Compile-Time Data Structures
  • Tracking of Run-Time Data Structures
  • Different Data Structure Support
  • Easy Debugging via Data Structure Palette



Here is a demonstration of our product.

Code to Flowchart Conversion

You get to convert your source code to its flowchart representation.

Visual Debugging

Visual debugging is available with variable watch and breakpoints that can be set on both code and flowchart editors.

Flowchart to Code Conversion

You can write computer programs by building your own flowchart which is to be translated into a C-like source code.

Data Structures

Static and dynamic data structures are visualized and can be examined while debugging.

Why Choose Us

All In One

In a single web page you get bidirectional conversion between flowchart and source code, visual debugging and data structrue display.

Easy To Use

Simple design, few buttons and light-weight client will enhance your programming experience like never before.


Your work is private as long as you wish.
Don't worry, your code is safe with us!

Your Easy Start

You are at the right place to learn programming.

Step #1. Sign Up

You can access our product's web site from the upper link and create an account easily.

Step #2. Create Your Working Space

You can create and work on multiple files in your working space. You will never lose your works.

Step #3. Become Proficient

Now you are ready to learn and create professional works in computer science.

Amazing Team

System Admin

The glue that sticks everything together, he is not the admin we deserve but the one we need. He currently lives as a digital phantom in our server.

Merve Gizem ŞENEL
Backend developer

She has used and tried all versions of Clang as one of the best fans during project process. In her free time she likes to parse code and examine data structures.

Frontend developer

Her motivation was that every piece of code even with data structures could be translated into Flowcharts at the beginning of the project.
And she did it.

Ertuğ UFUK
Frontend Developer

Nobody believed in him when he said "Why do we have to stuck inside a black terminal for debugging? I'm going to visualize it!". He is the true hero of all programmers.


FAQ Categories
User Problems
File Problems
FlowChart Editor Problems
Code Editor Problems
Code to FlowChart Conversion
FlowChart to Code Conversion
Data Structure Problem
Debugger Problem
Why am I getting error when trying to signup?

Generally that problem occurs when you are trying to register as already existing username or e-mail. If error message doesn’t explain why it occurs, please contact us from support.

I cannot access to my profile.

If you enter your username or password wrong, system doesn’t allow you to access your account. And if system detects that there is an overloaded tries, it blocks the user accound for 24 hours. Please check data you have enter, or please contact us from support.

It says “There is no file in your profile” when I register to system?

If you’ve created your account recently, you must first create a new working space by using button “Create New Working Space” at bottom of your profile.

I’ve created a working space on my last login but it doesn’t appear on my profile now.

After you create a new working space if you don’t do anything on none of the editors, your works are not going to be saved, so you need to do works on editors to make them to be saved on your profile.

I’ve added some lines on my open file in editor, but they don’t appear when I access next time.

If you didn’t use “Save Button” or any convertion on the index, that changes are not going to be saved. You cannot find them.

Can I rename many files as same name?

Yes, you can.

How can I restore my filename to first unique name?

If you rename your file as “Default” or “”, their name are going to be restored as first time that they are created.

How can I change the extension of the file on my profile?

You can’t change the extension of the file on your profile. But you can do in editors by selecting extension when trying to convert to FlowChart.

I’ve changed the extension of my file, but it compiles it as its first extension.

That is because, the names appearing on your profile are just nicks of your files You need to change their extensions from index page.

I’ve just deleted a file. How can I restore them?

You cannot restore them. However, maybe our admins can do some magic for you, please contact them from support.

How can I see my functions on FlowChart Editor?

You can see your functions on “Functions” button on the top of the FlowChart editor.

How can I delete a statement from the FlowChart?

You can delete any statement except “Start” and “End” statements by clicking on “x” icon that is at the top right of the statements. When you delete a statement, all lines connecting to that statement are going to be also deleted.

How can I set a new line to another from the same statement?

You can set a start a new line by clicking on the arrow on bottom-left of the statement. To connect that statement to new one, after you start a line, you need to click on destination statement. However, old connections are not going to be deleted by default, you need to delete them to make it work proper.

How can I delete connections between 2 statements?

You can delete any connection by clicking on “X” button that appears when you come on to the line that you want to delete.

How can I enable/disable a breakpoint on FlowChart?

You can set a breakpoint by clicking on bottom-right button of the statement. That’s it.

How can I add a statement from pallette to Editor?

To add new statements from pallette to Editor, first, you need to click on the statement that you want to add, after that you need to click on a blank space on the editor to put that statement there. After your 2nd click, you need to enter necessary information that change depending on the type of the statement.

How can I delete a function?

You can delete the function by coming on the function and pressing the “Delete Function” button on the top of the FlowChart Editor.

How can I set a breakpoint on the editor?

You can set a breakpoint by clicking on the line number on the editor.

How can I change the theme of the editor?

It is not available for now. But our team is working on it!

How can I maximize the editor?

To maximize the editor, you can click on the “Maximize” button that is just at the top-right of the editor.

I’m getting “You need to choose an extension” error when trying to convert my code to FlowChart.

You need to choose your programmin language when trying to convert to FlowChart on the dropdown list at the bottom of the Code Editor.

I’m getting error when trying to convert my code to Flowchart.

If you are getting errors, it means that your code has some errors and you need to fix them. You can refer to Error message to examine where the error is.

I’ve defined a function on code editor but cannot see them in FlowChart editor.

You can see your functions on the “Functions” tab at the top of the Flowchart editor.

I cannot see my includes on Flowchart.

Your includes don’t be appeared on FlowChart as default but they are included at the back-end.

How can I see my Prints?

Unfortunately, you cannot see you prints for now.

I’m getting errors when I trying to convert my FlowChart to Code.

If you are getting errors, it means your structure has some mistakes in it. Generally that mistakes occurs when a statement has 2 or more descent, return type of function you have entered is invalid or some commands are not valid for the extension you have selected.

How can I change the extension of the code to be converted?

You need to select the extension from the drop-down list that is at the bottom of the Code Editor.

How can I include standart libraries?

You can include them by clicking on the “Library” button from the pallette and entering the name of the library without typing “#include” prefix.

When I convert to code, my loop is converted as “While Loop” even I wanted it to be “For Loop”.

Default loop option is “While” for our editor. If you want to change it, after you work finishes, you can change it on the Code Editor. However, if you convert FlowChart after you have changed For Loop, it generates While Loop again. Thus, we suggests you to change it after you have finish your work.

How can I choose “if” instead of “else if” when converting?

Our system generates code as optimized. Thus, if you prefer “if” instead of “else if”, you need to change them manually on the Code Editor.

How can I see the static data structures of my code?

You can see them by clicking on the Data Structure button on the left of the Web Page.

How can I see the runtime data structures while running the code?

To see the data structures generated in runtime, you can open the Data Structure tab on which the line you want to see Runtime Data Structures.

How can I make changes on Data Structures?

Unfortunately, if you want to make changes on the Data Structures, you need to change them on Code Editor. You cannot make changes on Data Structure.

How can I go step-by-step on Debugger?

You can make debugger to process step-by-step by pressing the “Next” button on the Debugger Menu.

I’m pressing “Play” button but Debugger doesn’t start.

To start debugger, first you need to initiliaze debugger by pressing the “Start Debugger” button.

I’ve played Debugger, it ended but it doesn’t start again.

After debugger has finished, you need to initiliaze it again by pressing the “Start Debugger” button.

How can I add a Variable on Watch table?

You can add a variable by pressing the “Add Variable” button that is at the bottom of the Varible Table.

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