How it works?

You will put on wearable and let Hypnos do the rest. It will take and analyze your data in the cloud enhanced with machine learning techniques. In the end, you will be able to see your personal feedback from website and mobile app.

Wearable Device

Wearable device is a collection of sensors that you will keep on your body. It will measure your heart rate, body movement, body and room temperature. It will send them to fixed device wirelessly.

Fixed Device

Fixed device will get the data from wearable device, normalize them and send them to cloud for analysis.


It will analyze all of your data after getting them from fixed device. It will calculate your sleep deepness and also find sleep disorders of you have any. It will send notifications to your close ones in case of emergency.


You can access to information about your sleep from the app and see how well you sleep. Even more, Hypnos will notify you if it detects that you have a health problem. Since Hypnos keeps the past data about you, you can track your progress of sleep quality.


You can use website to see extensive information about your sleep. Hypnos website will give ability to display more detailed charts.

Diagram of our system, biodata from the user is sent to cloud securely. It's processed in the
cloud and then user can see the feedback via web or mobile interface.

Used Technologies

As Newline, we love open source, use and contribute to that.
Hypnos relies on open source software.