AlgoTrade is a web-based, easy-to-use algorithmic trading and backtesting framework.

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Why choose AlgoTrade?

It's user friendly!

With its self explanatory and simple interface you can begin using it in just a few seconds.

It's lightweight!

It's web based, so you can access AlgoTrade from any device using a browser.

It's compact!

It provides many functions from portfolio management to backtesting in just one package.

Yeah, why choose AlgoTrade indeed?

No need to know programming,

You won't be writing a single line of code, we took care of that.

no need to be an expert trader

If you have some ideas you can start experimenting with them right away.

... and it's free!

All your money is left for your future algorithmic trading adventures.

Countless Features, Just One Package

Here's what you can do with AlgoTrade!

Algorithm Creation

Create algorithms in few seconds by dragging and dropping!

Portfolio Management

Create and manage your own portfolio, test your ideas first on paper trade!


Backtest your algorithms on historical data or use real-timed NASDAQ data!


Look into stock details over time with various built-in financial indicators!

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